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wordpress logo notext rgb Why are we excited about the divi theme?  We used to be a Joomla-only shop, but Divi has changed all that...

Advantage 1: It's super easy to arrange content and customize pages.

When you use the traditional WordPress theme, the layout looks like this:wordpress theme layout

Traditionally the menu is put in the header, the most recent blog or the page you want your visitors to see appears in the main area, the sidebar area has a tag cloud and the footer contains your contact information. If you want to change this layout, you either hire a developer to arrange things differently or you look for a theme that matches what you want.

With the Divi theme, you have tools to arrange your content in many different ways. If you want, every page of your website could have a different layout. You do not need to hire someone and you can try different arrangements as your needs change.

modulesAdvantage 2:  Easy to customize colors and fonts.

Some themes allow you to choose between a limited number of colors and fonts for your theme. Divi theme allows you to use virtually any color and font including Google fonts.

Advantage 3:  Divi has over 40 different modules that you can customize.

Traditionally when you begin a WordPress site, you decide on widgets to enhance your site. Widgets are additional pieces of code that provide tools to create sophisticated content. Examples include response forms, calendars, e-commerce platforms and newsletter subscriptions. In most templates, you are responsible for finding the widgets you want, installing them and testing to insure that they work.

The Divi theme includes oer 40 of the most used widgets which Divi calls modules. Since they are integrated into the theme, your workload in building your website is less. The interface to customize these modules is super easy to use, so you can make everything match without hiring a developer. If something you need is not in this core group of modules, there are thousands of widgets you can install and use to customize your site further.

Advantage 4: You can configure each page separately.

Most themes do not allow you to make one page look any different than another. With divi thems, you can use the tools within the theme to select which widgets appear on each page.

divi builder globla itemsAdvantage 5: Save your modules and layout to use on multiple pages.

Once you configure a module on one page, you can save it for use on another page. If you get an entire page laid out with multiple modules, you can save the entire layout to use on other pages. You can also save rows of modules so they become global modules. Global modules are the same across many pages. That means all pages that display the row will be updated when you update the module on one of the pages.

Advantage 6: Use the visual builder to easily customize your page layouts.

Divi has a built-in visual builder that lets you see exactly what a page will look like as you build it. This allows you to quickly customize the layouts without constant having to save and refresh. The visual builder is perfect for the non-techie person who wants to get a site up fast but is not so fond of the widget layout look.

Divi makes it super easy to customize your site exactly the way you want it!

Divi themes provides so much flexibility to WordPress that Landau Digital uses it for virtually all of our WordPress clients.

If you like WordPress, contact us so we can shorten your development cycle and save you money.

WordPress reflections

At Landau Design, we have moved further into WordPress development.  Here are our reflections after three years.