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Every couple years it's a good business practice to review your site and consider if it needs a facelift. Just like other fashion and design industries, there are trends and best practices in the web world. A redesign will help you stay ahead of your competition, and let your customers know you are serious about staying current.

At Landau Digital we can assist with a website redesign. Whether it's changing the look and adding a bit of your current content, or starting again and rebuilding from scratch. We will evaluate your needs and if you are a good fit for our solutions, we'll create a site that represents you well, provides efficiencies and adapts to your long-term needs.  We can assist regardless of how your current site is built.

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10 Signs You Need a Website Redesign

1. Search and Rescue Calls
Customers call your office asking for assistance to find something on your website – and what they’re searching for is on the site but hard to find, or you forgot to include it all together. This is a definite sign your information architecture is not up to snuff.

2. Your Information is History
You’re not even sure the last time your site was updated and you’re even more unsure how often you should update it. Two times on an outdated site is probably the last time that customer will visit.

3. Flashy But Frustrating
Your Web designer promised to deliver the WOW factor, and they sure did with your flashy and glitzy website. Now that the project is done, you’re getting emails and phone calls that the site doesn’t come up, or it comes up slow or what is that big blank spot in the middle of your home page? Using the latest technology may seem fun and hip, but if it doesn’t add to your business message, it’s better left to the entertainment industry.

4. Clicking To Nothingness
Your site is riddled with dead or broken links. Pretty much a guaranteed way to lose users.

5. There’s No Draw Back
Your site should offer something of value to the user in the moment. Could be free articles, list of resources or even an inspirational message. They need a reason to come back and look time and again, even if in the moment they do not need what you are selling.

6. There’s No Target
Without a clear picture of your target audience and purpose for delivering the information, your Web site has been designed in an aimless fashion. And it will work for you in the way it has been designed.

7. It's not plugged into social media
You have been doing the social media thing, but your site doesn't have the links so people can find you and connect. In addition, you may want to include feeds from Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, so visitors to your site will immediately know what you are buzzing about.

8. It’s Built, Now What?
How will you bring traffic to your site, and was that even considered when your site was built? Just because you built it doesn’t mean the people will come.

9. Your Competitor Gets the Kudos
When your customers come to you, they are constantly mentioning your competitors’ Web site. This is a clear sign that their site does what yours doesn’t. Time to step up and exceed the competition.

10. You Don’t Have a Web Site
In today’s world if you have a business, you must have a Web site. A lack of Web presence can actually compromise your credibility. If you don’t have a Web site, it’s time to put it at the top of your to do list!