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How do you want to grow your business today?        

At Landau Digital we specialize in building sites in Joomla and WordPress, highly acclaimed content management system (CMS).

Content Management Systems need not have a stodgy, canned appearance.  We can create a custom look for you or use a design made by your graphics team.   When it is completed, you will still have the ability to update your site without requiring any technical knowledge. The sky is the limit with what we can create.

3 Ways to Price a Custom Website

Pricing varies based on:

  • how many pages you want
  • what sort of complex functionality you need
  • how important a custom design is to you

1) Full Custom Design
With this approach we design from scratch. This means having a design meeting and we come up with 2 design concepts that are entirely unique to your company. Once a design is finalized, our developer builds it out so it will work in Wordpres or Joomla. Custom websites begin at $3,500 and up. Again, price is dependent on what you need.

2) Quick Design
With a Quick Design we take an existing Wordpress Theme or Joomla template and modify the design to be in line with your business message. There are 1,000's of beautiful templates available, and most of our clients choose this approach because it saves $2,000 in design fees. Quick design sites usually start at about $800 and up. It's completely dependent on how many pages and what functionality you need. Most of the designs in our web design portfolio were done this way.

How long does it take to build a website?

Production time is usually dependent on when the client can get us content. We could easily build a simple website in 10 business days, but often we create the Joomla framework and then end up waiting for content. So if you have all content and images ready to go, 10 days would about the quickest we could do the whole thing.

Custom Functionality Development for Wordpress & Joomla

We can create custom Wordpress plugins and Joomla extensions to fit any business need. We have created extensions from scratch as well as modifications of existing extensions. Bonnie Landau, our principal, has an extensive background in custom application development, and she is able to assist with design and development for the functionality you need.