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At Landau Design, we have moved further into WordPress development.  These are our reflections after three years.

There is no such thing as 100% security in any website.  The hackers are just as smart as the developers and inevitably find a way to take advantage of code.  However as we grow and see the changes in the most popular CMS, we do have some security recommendations.

  • Choose a host that understands the server side needs for WordPress and serves up a configuration made for it. It is also important to understand the support policies should you have an issue on your site.  Does the host close the site down without warning? 
  • Since we are not in the hosting business, we don’t have firm recommendations about who you should use. However I found a fair comparisons available here and here. We use InMotion and are happy with their performance and stability.
  • The WordPress automatic update feature is mostly a good thing. However there is no guarantee that your site will have a backup before the update happens unless you do one every time you make changes to the site.  The danger without a current backup is that if you use plugins or themes that are older, they may not work with the latest WordPress version.  If you have developed your site in the last year, you are less at risk than if your site was built five years ago.  However we worked to update a theme on a very active and highly monetized site recently.  This required a good understanding of the entire CMS and several iterations to do.  So make sure you understand your site before enabling the automatic update feature.
  • Make sure you consider the reliability of the people who make your plugins and widgets. When you select these from the online list that WordPress displays, you would expect the items to be safe.  What we have found is that WordPress does not appear to have as thorough a process for reporting faulty extensions.  It is nice to have recommended extensions on the list and from our experience, all we have installed from the recommended list work well.  However sometimes we have needed functionality that is not found on this list.  This is where the danger is.  So it is important to test your site well on a backup or before you launch it if you use technology that is not mainstream.

Divi theme still continues to perform very well.  It is configured in a way that allows a developer to add code for any module, page or post easily.  As long as you understand the naming convention for the css, it is very easy to use.  It has performed very well for mobile rendering of sites, which saves so many headaches in development.

WordPress reflections

At Landau Design, we have moved further into WordPress development.  Here are our reflections after three years.