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 Catch their attention, guide them to the content and motivate them to buy!

We offer an array of website design services to suit your needs. This includes:


User-centric Design

Design is much more than a pretty color palette and a unique way of presentation. It starts with identifying your customers' needs and buying habits. We can help you by asking the right questions if you are not clear. Then our team helps you design appeals and navigation to that creates a graphic, web and marketing package within your web presence.

Collaborative Development

Our approach is to work hand-in-hand with you. You and your employees are part of our process. We beleive that projects only suceed when we know what you want to accoplish and what works for you.

Typically clients look for web help because they lack the skills or patience to do the details. We know that staying ahead of the technical curve is a rea; strategoc advamtage. So we talk about short term and long term options.

Our clietns als discover that our team not only does that cost effectively but also adds depth to your own understandting of how to manage your online presecenc.

Continued Support

If you need support in getting more traffic to your website, working with us has hidden benefits. During our web engagement, we will get to know your markets, products and strategy. This is the most important requirement for any SEO vendor. We can help you develop a strategy for SEO or we can be a trunkey vendor if you prefer. Some people start with a online reputation evaluation or competitive analysis. Others prefer to schedule online training for their own staff for social media.

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WordPress reflections

At Landau Design, we have moved further into WordPress development.  Here are our reflections after three years.