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How do you want to grow your business today?        

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a necessary part of a successful website. It is not something you do once or twice; it should be part of a comprehensive marketing plan.

At Landau Digital we consider search engine optimization as we do our design projects.  However once your site is launched, SEO is not complete. SEO efforts will be needed to meet changes in your business plans and in the marketplace, including:

  • your marketing goals and SEO targets may change
  • your competition and their SEO efforts will change
  • search engines will change their algorithm so you have to change your strategy
  • you may have a black mark appear on your online reputation, and you need SEO to overcome it

SEO Services We Offer

SEO Implementation Strategy

Based on discussions with the client, and an SEO Analysis Report and competitive analysis, we will formulate an SEO implementation strategy for your website. We will discover the keywords that will yield the best return on investment and develop appropriate tactics to optimize your return.   Based on available budget, we can assist in implementing the components of the strategy, and you will watch your search engine rankings become better and better.

SEO is both an art AND a science and any firm that proposes to guarantee your site will be at the top of search results is oversimplying the market place.  However we have consistently been able to get sites on the first page of search results for particular keyword combinations.  Contact Landau Digital to get your own customized SEO Strategy.

SEO Analysis Report

If you have an existing website, Landau Digital can provide you with a comprehensive SEO report that outlines exactly how your website measures up against the most critical SEO criteria. To create this report we will analyze your websites pages and give you recommendations for improving your SEO optimization. In addition, we will analyze the website of your primary competitor, and let you know how they are doing with their SEO efforts. Cost for the SEO Analysis Report is $399. It can be complete within 10 days of placing your order. Contact Landau Digital to get your SEO Analysis Report.

Do-It-Yourself SEO

Every quarter we offer a series of SEO classes so you can take charge of your SEO strategy. These classes are excellent learning tools to create and implement your SEO strategy, and they are also great information if you manage a resource who is implementing your SEO campaign. Find out more about our Do-It-Yourself SEO Classes.