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Joom-what? Joomla (a Swahili word meaning “all together”) is an open-source, content management system.

What is a Content Management System?

Joomla is developed by hundreds of software worldwide. Joomla is an open source software. The popular browser Firefox is another example of an open-source project. Joomla is one of the content management systems (CMS) that Landau Digital uses to build websites. We also do Wordpress web development which is also very popular.

With a CMS, each page does not exist as static html pages.  The actual content is stored in a database; your website created page by page as someone clicks on the page. This is known as dynamic content generation.


The presentation above gives a graphic overview of how Joomla functions. Landau Digital specializes in creating websites in Joomla because it provides a strong platform for many technical features without the investment in programming hours.

This presentation provides some insight into how Joomla works on the technical end. It explains how the database and template interact to create dynamic pages. It also talks about the various extensions and how they provide functionality that is easily configured into a Joomla system.

Why we love Joomla!

It is also used in thousands of business websites. Joomla is an excellent resource for creating websites. Not only do the sites go up twice as fast, but there are literally thousands of mini-programs, called extensions, which can be integrated into Joomla without requiring any programming knowledge. The sites are generated using CSS (cascading style sheets), which means almost any design can be converted into Joomla. In addition, our clients who are willing can be easily trained to maintain the site contents.

Joomla not only saves money in site development costs, but also gives the client control of their site. We prefer hosting our client's Joomla sites on Hostgator, since they have excellent customer service and are have a very good track record for up time and speed.

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