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There are many ways websites can be compromised and new ones show up everyday. We can assist with repairing your site if it is not secure.

It is not uncommon for owners of existing sites to call us with a Joomla challenge.  This may be the result of extensions that no longer function after an upgrade, slow loading time, hacking or other security issues, poor navigation, and inconsistencies in formatting.  We are experts at Joomla and know how to use all of the tools as they were intended. 

The challenge with security is that templates and extensions are available from many developers. Most of these will be generally safe to use. However if you unfortunately use a templates and extensions with security vulnerabilities you may still be vulnerable. Especially if they are not updated regularly.

In many instances Joomla is compromised by hosting your website on a low level shared hosting environment. If you need to host outside your organization, it is wise to consider a SSL certificate and a virtual dedicated hosting arrangement at the least.

At Landau Digital we can assist with:

  • Joomla core and extension upgrades
  • Joomla site redesign
  • Installation of new functionality
  • Repair Joomla site that has been hacked

Joomla Site Audit

At Landau Digital we can offer a complete site audit to assess outdated extensions and appropriate build standards for your Joomla site. An audit would assist us in determining how to move forward in repairing your site. Audits are billed on an hourly basis. The time required is determined by the number of pages and number of extensions installed on the site. Please contact us to get a quote for a Joomla Site Audit.

Ongoing Security Service

Landau Digital also offers a monthly Security Update Service to protect your site. This service includes:

  • Sending you a reminder email when Joomla has an update, or every 3 months, whichever comes first.
  • Updating Joomla if needed.
  • Changing the ftp and cpanel passwords for your server
  • Changing all admin name and password for your site
  • Making a backup of your files and database
  • Archiving the backup and sending you a copy
  • Adding and configure a security tool to prevent mostattempts to compromise your site.
  • Notifying you of new passwords when the update is complete.

If you have extensions for your Joomla site, they should also be updated as well. For many extensions this is easy and would be included in the monthly security charge. However, some extensions are updated by archiving the database, uninstalling, installing the new update and reinstalling the database. Consequently, we need to provide you an individual quote for updating your extensions in addition to updates for the Joomla core.