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How do you want to grow your business today?        

new business ownerWhen we work with new business owners, they are full of ideas about improving their business. It is understandable for new owners to want to present themselves differently online. However it is important to not lose sight of the most important details.

  • A website shows your business in its entirety. It is more than just a great home page with shiny new pictures. It is your customer service portal, your marketing message, a reference point for your employees and a tool for your vendors and existing customers.
  • It is important to have a plan- even a formal business plan to guide you in making changes to your website. How will your customer service guidelines change now that you are the owner? Will you include more or less product information? What information do you want vendors to see? Remember this information will be available to competitors too.
  • When you assume responsibility for a company, you need to know what websites and social media profiles the previous owner maintained. If you don’t maintain these, your brand will suffer.
  • For each website, you need to know who hosts it, where the domain is registered and how to make changes assuming you will keep the same website. If you don’t know the first two, you may not get renewal notices. If you don’t, perhaps the bills will not be paid and the site will go offline or worse.
  • We recommend getting access to the existing hosting and domain registry before you attempt to change the ownership of these assets. It is important to change the ownership but NOT the first day you own the business. There are many other priorities and as long as you can administer it, the ownership details can wait.
  • In some industries, there are many other online services used. In the real estate, recreation and hospitality industries, there will be online sales portals that are essential to marketing e.g. http://www.mls.com. Most restaurants utilize online menu sites. They also use sites like https://www.tripadvisor.com. Hotels use these same sites as well as sites like www.expedia.com. So it is critical to know which sites you need to manage.